10 Innovative Kitchen Products

By The Staff

It's not just professional chefs who have cool tools these days. Innovation is happening for the home kitchen as well -- helping cooks make meals faster, cleaner, and more artfully.

Want to taste the great outdoors but only have a tiny terrace? London-based Black Blum designed a portable charcoal grill that looks like a terra cotta pot and hides under a small herb garden. A set of tongs can be stored underneath. Hot Pot BBQ, $124.

Caught up in the cocktail tray but ashamed of your foggy ice? This tray, made by British Columbia-based Lumeire, separates out the "white ice" by mimicking the freezing pattern of a lake. Ice freezes layer-by-layer -- top to bottom -- and air and impurities are trapped at the bottom where they can be removed. Polar Ice Tray, $59.

Polyscience's Anti-Griddle is for anti-cooking. Inspired by celebrity chef Grant Achatz, the machine quickly freezes sauces, purees and foams -- meaning you can create frozen treats with crunchy outsides and still-liquid centers. Since the surface gets down to minus 30 degrees Fahrenheit, food will freeze before your eyes. The Anti-Griddle, $1,199.

Don't want to spread salmonella throughout your kitchen? This battery-powered wireless faucet controller from Toto USA will let you turn on water with a tap of the elbow (or knee.) You can also install in a bathroom if you want to reduce the ick factor. Wi-Touchâ„¢ DC Powered Wireless Faucet Controller, $572.

Many would argue that there's not a thing wrong with an old-fashioned wok, but the more clumsy among us could use a bit of help. The Boomerang Wok, designed by Royal VKB based in the Netherlands, is designed to allow you to toss your stir-fry unassisted -- and without much culinary skill. Boomerang Wok, $150.

Miss playing with Hot Wheels? Hate the smell of garlic on your hands? This device, from Seattle-based Chef'n, will chop garlic or herbs with a few rolls around. You can then open and tap directly into the dish you are making. No need for a cutting board -- or even touching your diced garlic. GarlicZoom, $9.99.

This silicone cooking bag from Fusion Brands cuts out steps anytime you need to boil or steam foods. Just lift the bag out of boiling water to strain veggies or shellfish, making it easy to reserve cooking water if needed. The bags also make it easier to immediately dunk food into an ice bath, or cook a couple of different things at the same time{}-- and remove them individually when done. Foodpod, $15.

This is what happens when a George Foreman grill makes an adorable pink baby with an Easy-Bake Oven. The device makes eight cupcakes, with or without paper wrappers, in a dangerously-fast five minutes to satisfy your sweet-tooth cravings. The gadget, from Kansas' Babycakes, also can be used for mini pies and tarts. Babycakes cupcake maker, $29.99.

Like most As Seen on TV products, the add for the Gyro Bowl is mesmerizing. A weighted inner bowl rotates 360 degrees{}-- designed to always stay upright while kids bounce and run around. The outer rim helps prevent tipping the bowl over. Next invention? A bowl that won't spill even if your kid throws it. Gyro Bowl, $14.99 for 2 plus shipping and handling.

Who says popsicles have to be bad for you? (We're talking about you, corn syrup lobby.) Make your own out of yogurt or fruit juice in about seven minutes with this device, made by Zoko, which is based in Hoboken, New Jersey. There's no need to plug it in. Just store it in the freezer, and it can make up to nine frozen treats without refreezing. Quick Pop Maker, $49.95.

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