$10,000 reward being offered in case of missing jewelry

LITTLE ROCK (KATV) - Asafety deposit box is supposed to be a safe place to store valuables, but notthe gold jewelry one woman had stored there valued at over $250,000 isgone. Now there's a desperate plea fromthe woman to find the person responsible for stealing the goods.

The woman, whose name isbeing protected for fear of being targeted again, had been collecting jewelrysince childhood. Instead of takingvacations, buying pedicures, she said jewelry was her passion.

"Some people collectcoins, some people collect stamps - to me it was jewelry," said the woman.

She opened a safetydeposit box at the Metropolitan National Bank branch on Financial CentreParkway in Little Rock assuming her jewelry would be safe there. But in September 2013, after not checking herbox for the better part of a year she came back to see everything was goneexcept her sterling silver, pearls and savings bonds.

"He must have soiledhimself when he opened up that drawer and saw everything," she said.

The woman said the contentsof the safety deposit box were financial security for the future, concernedabout her health and the possibility she may have to be put in a nursing homein the not too distant future.

But not only was herfinancial future stolen, but the memories behind each piece of jewelry.

"My mother died in herforties and she gave me an anklet to wear," recalled the woman, mentioning ithad broken so she had placed it in the box. "I've always had an anklet on, I've never not had an anklet on untilnow."

Metropolitan National Bankhas since been sold to Simmons First National Bank. On Tuesday, Amy Johnson, seniorvice-president of Simmons First released this statement:

"Based on our findings at this time, we have no reason to believethere was any wrong doing on the part of Metropolitan National Bank."

Now this woman is offeringa $10,000 Crimestoppers reward for the arrest and conviction of whoever isresponsible for the crime.

"This person took our pastand our future," lamented the woman.

If you have anyinformation on the case you're urged to call Little Rock Crimestoppers at (501)371-INFO (4636).

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