11 Burglaries in 4 Days in Conway

(KATV)-Conway Police are investigating 11 burglaries in just four days over the Christmas holiday in Conway. The burglaries happened during the span of the 22nd through Christmas Day. More than $16,000 in items were reported missing from all of the homes.

Austin Floyd, 21, was one of those victims. He and his roommates were out of town for Christmas when burglars entered the home on the side of the house by breaking a window.

Floyd and his roommates had $3,000 worth of items stolen including a new XBOX One, an antique gun and numerous shoes and clothing items.

"I mean it's just really disappointment. You know I'm a big believer in karma so I don't sit around and hold onto hatred and anger. I've been stolen from before and I believe it all comes back. It's unfortunate it has to happen around the holidays," Floyd said.

Floyd says he's taken new measures since the burglary.

"I got a new handgun after it happened so I do feel a little safer with that but you know, you kind of sleep lightly. I woke up in the middle of the night last night and walk around my house last night with a loaded pistol," Floyd said.