1121: No Fun


They filed early and had a refund deposit date...but they are still waiting for their money from the IRS. This growing group of impatient taxpayers includes at least one Arkansan.

Instead of a refund check, Amber Nolen has an error code.

And a lot of unanswered questions.

"We share good stories, we share bad stories," says Nolen of North Little Rock about a Facebook group that she joined this month.

Nolen is now one of over 1,000 members...a group united by the wait for refund checks.

All the members filed their taxes before January 31st. All were given a refund anticipation date. And when that date passed without refunds, all were given a code...1121...but no clear explanation.

"It was a glitch, server malfunction, we don't know what happened," says Nolen, recalling explanations IRS operators have provided her. "Stop calling. It's gotten to the point now like...why can't we get a straight answer?"

A statement can be found at

It reads in part: "The IRS is aware of this situation, and emphasizes that the small group of taxpayers who see this reference number should continue checking 'Where's My Refund' for an update.

Possible reasons for delays include errors, an incomplete return or the need for further review.

"We just want a straight answer," says Nolen. "What happened? When will we be able to get our money? And what do we do next year to prevent this from happening?"

The IRS also apologizes on its web site for any confusion or inconvenience.

Amber says she and her group has plenty of both.

Air date: February 19th, 2014