12-year-old Sherwood girl still in critical condition after near-drowning

SHERWOOD (KATV) - A twelve-year-old girl continues to fight for her life after nearly drowning in a pond by her home. The Sherwood girl is at Arkansas Children's Hospital where she remains in a medically-induced coma.

By Saturday afternoon, It had been over 24 hours since the girl fell into a pond and her lifeless body was dragged out by two strangers.

Neighbors say they saw the girl riding her bike around the mobile home park where she lives. Just past two o' clock yesterday afternoon they heard screams coming from a pond not far away from the homes. They ran over and she was already completely under water. They say her mother was inconsolable, begging neighbors to help her daughter who had already been under water for nearly a minute.

"The momma was just sitting there, just screaming, 'Somebody get my baby'," said 15-year-old Devon Nash. "My dad just looked at me and told me, 'Just jump in', and I threw my boots off and jumped in. But I mean, being at one temperature and jumping in that freezing cold water like that, I mean, it felt like every last bit of air got sucked out of me."

A friend of the family just visited the girl who is in ICU. She told Channel 7 the girl still has some swelling in her brain and is in a medically induced coma and isn't breathing on her own. Because of privacy laws the hospital will only confirm that she is in critical condition.