UPDATE: 12-year-old shooting victim dies, teen charged

UPDATE: Quinshun Parks, 12, died early Sunday morning after being shot by a 14-year-old Saturday afternoon, according to police.

Parks died at approximately 4 a.m. after succumbing to his injuries from the shooting. The 14-year-old police say is responsible for the shooting turned himself in and has been charged with first degree battery and being a juvenile in possession of a handgun.

Additional charges may be filed following the death of Parks.

Police say no weapon has been found. Whether the death was an accident remains under investigation.

The Pine Bluff Police Department urges anyone with information to contact 870-730-2092.


A 12-year-old boy is in critical condition after being shot Saturday afternoon, and Pine Bluff Police believe another child pulled the trigger.

Police say when they arrived, a group of people were standing outside the home on East Harding. Police began combing the area for evidence and taking witness statements, but early on officers realized the truth in this case may be difficult to find.

Police say a 14-year-old black male is responsible for the shooting. Some witnesses told police it was intentional while others said the shooting was an accident.

"We're getting some conflicting statements early on in the investigation, which is normal. Everybody sees it from a different point of view, so what we're doing now is trying to sort through the investigation. We're waiting to see how the young man comes through surgery, and also talk to everybody and get statements from them about what they saw from their perspective," said Lt. Bob Rawlinson.

Meanwhile, the child is battling for his life. He was shot in the hip, and the bullet pierced his abdomen. Doctors rushed him into surgery at Jefferson Regional Medical Center.

As far as the 14-year-old, police haven't been able to find him or the weapon.