120 dogs seized from possible Lonoke County puppy mill

LONOKE COUNTY - More than 100 dogs were seized from a rural Lonoke County property where they were subjected to extreme heat without cold water or shade, according to investigators.

Investigators arrived on scene Thursday afternoon at a property off Sentell Loop in Lonoke County near Austin. That's where they found all the dogs in deplorable conditions and were forced to act immediately.

"There was no choice," said Kay Simpson with the Pulaski County Humane Society. "Our vet at that time determined there were numerous dogs in danger. [They] may not make it an hour, may not make it until morning."

The biggest contributing factor to their poor health was a lack of cold water and shade while the dogs sat in cages as temperatures reached nearly 110 degrees. In some cases, a few of the dogs were forced to live in their own feces, according to investigators.

The dogs are now in the care of Simpson's organization,where approximately 120 dogs, some pregnant, are being housed.

The Lonoke County Sheriff's Office is investigating the matter as a possible puppy mill. Initially, the PCHS intended to check on the property to provide suggestions on how to better care for the dogs. Accordingto Simpson, there have been several recent complaints about the condition ofthe dogs.

"There were enough [dogs] that were life threatening that they needed to be removed as soon we could get it together," said Simpson.

They'll get proper water and shelter, at least, until charges are filed against the property owner. No arrests were made at the scene.

Any charges related to this case are left up to local authorities and the prosecuting attorney.

The woman in question spoke briefly with Simpson and Lonoke County deputies at the scene.

"She 'didn't know' was the only answer I got," said Simpson.

The PCHS will spend the next month providing the necessary shots and treatment for the affected dogs. To reach them directly call (501) 227-6166.

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