$15,000 Thank You

A lot of the complaints that are looked at by our Seven-On-Your-Side office involve amounts of money that aren't great enough to justify hiring an attorney or going to court.

But there are exceptions, and we have not only one of those exceptions to share but a happy ending.

Most of the Seven-On-Your-Side complaints we get are handled behind the scenes by our volunteers.

But most don't usually result in the return of $15,000.00.

Julie Fetty thought she and her husband had found a great deala mobile home on which they put $15,000.00 downto be delivered to their land by the seller in two weeks.

But months went by and nothing happened.

"Every time I would call he'd give me some kind of excuse, saying I'm working on it," recalls Fetty. "And I said 'Well I need to see some kind of progress.' He said 'Just because you don't see progress don't mean it's not being done."

Eventually Fetty called Seven-On-Your-Side, and eventually we called prosecutor Cody Hiland when we failed to get results by calling the man who had Julie's money.

"In this case we wanted to look and see whether or not there was criminal intent," says Hiland. "And so we were very serious about pursuing it from a criminal perspective if the intent was there. And I think once he understood that we were serious about investigating it I think at that point he made his decision and probably a very wise one."

"I hope that if anybody else has a problem like this they will know to go to Seven-On-Your-Side for help," advises Fetty. "Because I really don't think it would have ever been handledI'd have gotten my money back if they hadn't of (gotten involved)."

And Julie wanted to particularly thank Dan, the volunteer who handled her complaint and helped get the prosecutor to take a close look at it.

Dan and our volunteers help a lot of Arkansans. We're fortunate to have themand so are our viewers.

If you have a problem and would like some help, you can email us at

Or you can call and visit with Dan or one of our other volunteers on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursdays from 10:00 a.m. until noon. Call 324-HELP or 324-4357. You can also call that number if you want to help us help others by volunteering.

Air date: Sept. 20th, 2012