17 Animals near death, rescued by Humane Society

(KATV) Tuesday, 15 dogs and two horses were seized from a property in Cleveland County. Wednesday, the home owner bonded out of jail.

The Humane Society of Pulaski County acted on a tip that a horse was malnourished. When they showed up with deputies, they found a second malnourished horse and then a dead horse. Next, dogs started walking up to them.

This is a warning, if you're an animal lover it may be hard for you to see these friendly, malnourished dogs, but rest assured they are now in good hands.

They are emaciated, covered in fleas, ticks and have skin conditions.

In Teresa Medlock's career as a veterinarian she has never seen a dog this thin alive. "Some dogs were outside, a couple of them were running free, others were tethered and some were inside."

Medlock is the staff veterinarian for the Humane Society of Pulaski County. She says there was no visible food or water and the house did not have electricity. Conditions inside were reportedly so shocking, some people on the scene couldn't bear to go in and get dogs.

Medlock adds, "When the gentleman would stay there he would have a generator running but it was not on when we were there."

The animals will get a full medical evaluation and treatment. It will likely be months before they are available for adoption. Medlock says, "There is a couple of them, I am very concerned for their survival."

Kay Simpson with the Humane Society adds, "We are really overwhelmed right now. This is the worst breeding season for cats and dogs I have seen in 5-years."

Simpson says these dogs were rescued because of a tip. "If you see something you think isn't right, if you think an animal is not being cared for, it is really important because you are not bothering anybody."

If you don't' have a local animal shelter officers by law has to check out the tip. Kay says, "Every animal has a right to have the bare essentials of life."

The horses are about 400 pounds underweight. They are at an intensive care facility.

Steven Johnston has bonded out of jail. He has a court date next month in Cleveland County. Johnston faces aggravated animal cruelty charges.

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