18 residential burglaries in Jefferson County, victim shares her story

JEFFERSON COUNTY (KATV)--Policenab two suspects after 18 residential burglaries happened in just four months.Three of the burglaries happened in Pine Bluff, while the rest were in ruralparts of Jefferson County.

Oneof the victims, Dorcas VanGilst, has had her home burglarized three timesalready, and this third time she was part of the rash of burglaries that havebeen taking place since January.

TheJefferson County Sheriff's Office has identified David Stacker, 21, and Darius Burnett,19, are allegedly connected to all 18 of the residential burglaries.

VanGilstsays while she's relieved that police have suspects in custody, the experiencewas shocking.

"Shesaid mom I hate to tell you this, but you got broken into, of course my heartsank I was just like nooo," said VanGilst.

"Theyhad just popped it open, and this was wide open, and we couldn't close it...thewhole locking mechanism was falling off," she added.

VanGilstsaid when she walked through her home it was not ransacked until she arrived toher bedroom.

"Wewalked in here, there was cords all over the floor, the DVD player was on thefloor, the large screen TV was just gone," she said.

"Theonly other thing that they took was our laptop, it was sitting out in thehallway sitting on a coffee table and they picked that up, and like I saideverything else was untouched."

VanGilstadded, it wasn't just her electronics that were stolen that day, but also hersense of security.

"Iknow everybody says this, but it's so true ... is that you feel so violated,it's just that feeling that someone has been in your home...uninvited I don'tknow who it was I don't know what they looked at, I don't know what theytouched and it's just a really creepy feeling and it leaves you feeling unsafe."

Stackerhas been charged with 18 counts of residential burglary. Burnett has not beenofficially charged because he was already in jail for unrelated residentialburglary charges prior to these 18.