18-year Benton PD veteran charged with rape

BENTON (KATV) - A veteran Benton police officer{}was charged with raping a minor.{}Forty-two-year-old{}Lt. Monte L. Hodge was arrested Wednesday{}for allegedly raping an underage male relative.

According to police, the victim was raped and threatened repeatedly by Hodge for several years. The boy finally broke his silence a day after being raped one last time.

"He just broke down and told me he had something to tell me and he told me," said the victim's friend, who chose to remain anonymous.

And what the victim told this friend was horrifying.

"Because I care so much about him, About what happens to him," she said.

According to the affidavit, the 17-year-old victim says Hodge, with the Benton Police Department, started touching him inappropriately at the age of seven. He started raping him at 10-years-old and as recently as October of 2013. Other details in the report are to graphic to reveal.

"He had just had enough because the night before it had happened and he had just had enough," she said.

The victim says Hodge threatened to kill him and anyone that helped him, including his grandmother.

"The reason he hadn't told is because he had been threatened that nobody would believe him because he was a Benton police officer," she said.

Hodge reportedly put a gun in the victim's mouth and told him to shoot himself. The victim says he pulled the trigger but nothing happened.

"It broke my heart and I was thinking how could his mom not know," she said.

Lonoke Special Prosecuting Attorney Chuck Graham was recently given the case.

"If charges are appropriate, no matter who it is. You file those charges," said Graham.

As for the victim, this woman says there's a long road to recovery ahead.

"He still can't grasp that it's okay now. You're okay," she said.

The investigation is still ongoing.{}Hodge's court date is set for February 24th.


BENTON (KATV) - Benton Police Department said Wednesday afternoon that Lt. Monte Hodge, an officer with the department, was arrested and charged with rape.

According to Arkansas State Police, on October 26, 2013, Lt. Monte Hodge was involved in an off-duty incident. Lt. Hodge was immediately placed on administrative leave pending the outcome of the investigation which is standard protocol.

Lt. Hodge has been with the Benton Police Department for over 18 years and was assigned to patrol division until October 26th.

The investigation{}of the incident is still on-going.

Channel 7's Jeannette Reyes will have more on the story on Nightside.{}