180 dogs in limbo at Humane Society of Pulaski County

(KATV) In June 2012, 137 dogs were seized from Sandra Nance in Lonoke County. Some were pregnant and now a year and a half later the Humane Society of Pulaski County (HSPC) still has all of them. Problem is, now there are about 180 dogs and they're not going anywhere, anytime soon.

This is a major reason why the HSPC does not have extra space or money.

In June 2012, Channel Seven went to the home in Lonoke County near Austin where the dogs were removed from. They were in deplorable conditions, discolored water, living in their own feces and subject to the extreme summer heat. The sheriff's office believed the dogs to be in danger and called the HSPC.

They've all been to Doggie Do's in Little Rock for grooming. Jennifer Bryant is the owner. She says, "The first time I groomed all of them, every single one had eye infections, ear infections, skin conditions, sores under the matting and the toe nails were curled around into the feet."

Bryant has groomed them 5 times and plans to see them again this year. She says they're now lovable and adoptable.

She is paying it forward. "It is about $20,000 that my shop has donated in service for these dogs."

Plus, hiring extra shelter staff, boarding and treatment for heart worms, tumors and rotting teeth is expected to reach about $300,000 by February.

The owner, Sandra Nance was convicted for having her dogs in poor conditions and not providing veterinary care but not for running a puppy mill. She was tried against five of the dogs for the whole case so that means she can legally have the rest of the dogs back. The state does not want to see that happen and that's why they are in limbo at the Humane Society of Pulaski County.

Bryant adds, "I am not an anti breeder, but the numbers were too big. It was too much and the basic healthcare was not provided for these animals."

Nance's attorney tells Channel Seven that she wants the dogs back. The state Supreme Court has not set a court date.

It is an open case so Channel Seven is not allowed to get video of the dogs. HSPC employees, board members and volunteers cannot comment on the case, but want Attorney General Dustin McDaniel to help them in this fight. He wrote and passed our felony cruelty to animals law in 2009.

The dogs can't legally be fostered, adopted or sterilized.

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