19 Stolen Guns Recovered, 3 Still Missing

(KATV) Lonoke County authorities take more than a dozen guns off the streets and arrest two teenagers for allegedly stealing them.

It only took one day for Lonoke County Deputies to arrest the suspects, but the search continues for even more stolen weapons.

Sunday, a Lonoke man was shot and killed, these cases are not linked but deputies don't want repeat stories of families torn apart if these stolen guns get into the wrong hands.

On Monday, the Lonoke County Sheriff's Office received a report of stolen property off highway 15 north, electronics and more than a dozen guns were taken.

The following day deputies received a tip someone was trying to get rid of weapons from the burglary. Lt. James Kulesa adds, "An operation was set up where a traffic stop was initiated and one of the suspects, the 16-year old black male was found in possession of 3 of the guns taken in the burglary."

Lt. Kulesa continues, "Further investigation lead to a search warrant being conducted at a residence on Milner Road where 16-more guns were located and recovered."

A 16-year-old and 18-year old Timothy Wilson were arrested, both are from Lonoke and deputies are closing in on a third person. "We're in the process of obtaining a warrant for that individual."

Investigators are also focused on getting the remaining, three missing guns off the street. Recovering them could means lives saved and crime prevention.

Wilson and the juvenile are being held for burglary and theft of property.

The prosecutors office will review the case to determine if the 16-year old will be charged as an adult.

Right now anyone in possession of one or all the guns has a stay out of jail free card. You can turn them in with no questions asked. It's a pretty good deal; the alternative is being caught with one later and being arrested.

The Lonoke County Sheriff's Office main number is (501) 676-3000.

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