20 guns stolen from Searcy gun store

608 S. Main, Searcy

SEARCY (KATV) - Twenty guns are in the hands of a criminal who stole them early Wednesday morning. The alarm went off at about 2:30 a.m. at Ultimate Outdoors in Searcy. The store owner says it is obvious the suspect has been inside before.

The store owner andpolice say the suspect looks experienced. By the time the motion detector wentoff, the alarm company alerted police and they got there within a minute - thesuspect was gone.

A board now covers the window the suspect got in through. John Key says, "It took four attempts to get the concrete block through. The person was not an athlete."

John Key has owned Ultimate Outdoors for 14 years. He has been through one attempted robbery. This one netted 20 guns and an office laptop. The loss is estimated at more than $10,000. "The guns will be on the street regretfully probably by tonight and they were very good guns."

There is security footage. Key say the suspect broke the window and waited nearby for about 10-minutes. The person then walked in; preceded passed the shot guns and bullets as the motion alarm sounded. "Didn't just pull guns from the cabinet into a black backpack, shopped and chose guns throughout the counters."

Corporal Steve Hernandez with the Searcy Police Department says, "With the guns, the lap top and the glass being broke, we are looking somewhere around 10,600-dollars total loss."

Corporal Hernandez warns would be buyers, "If you buy one of those guns. You can actually be charged with theft by receiving as well." He continues, "Anytime there is a gun on the street, especially illegally, you want them off the street. Now we have 20 extra guns on the street and we don't know what his intentions are."

Next month, Ultimate Outdoors is moving next door. Key adds, "We will have added security in the new building. Yes, there will be."

Race and gender have not been determined. The suspect wore a hoodie, gloves and a mask. The person looked to be about 5 feet tall with a small build.

The only suspect description available is they were around 5'00" tall with a small build wearing a white or gray hooded sweatshirt with dark pants, white gloves and a black backpack.

Anyone with information about this burglary is asked to call the Searcy Police Department at (501) 268-3531.

The list of stolen guns includes:

(2) Springfield XDS 9mm pistols

(2) Ruger LC9 9mm pistols

Ruger LCR .22 revolver

Glock 17 9mm pistol

Springfield XDM 9mm pistol

Ruger SR22 .22 pistol

Ruger LCR .38spc revolver

Glock 26 9mm pistol

Smith and Wesson Bodyguard 38spc revolver

Smith and Wesson Bodyguard .38 revolver

(2) Taurus 9mm pistol

North American Arms .22mag revolver

North American Arms .22lr/.22mag combo revolver

Glock 21 .45 pistol

Taurus TCP .380 pistol

Sig Sauer 238 .380 pistol

Bond Arms .45/.410 combo pistol