Update: 20 month old child, 2 adults shot in Garland County

Update: {}Garland County authorities say Mayela Mata, 26, has died from her injuries after she was shot this evening. {}The 20 month old is in stable but critical condition and the man who was also shot has been treated and released from a Hot Springs hospital.Neighbor Jay Archer, who lives across the street, says he can't believe this crime happened so close to his home."It's heart breaking. It's indescribable to think a child. They flew it to little rock. Flew her to little rock and we can just pray for her because I know the mother passed away," said Archer. "I{}told my wife after it was over, I didn't hear anything. She said we're going to start locking the doors." According to the sentinel record, witnesses said a masked black male kicked in the door, holding a pistol in each hand and started firing. A witness also said a suspect ran back to a white Cadillac with a blue roof, driven by another male and sped away.Garland County (KATV) - According to the Garland County Sheriff's Department a 20 month old child and two adults were shot Wednesday evening. {}Authorities were called to apartments at 200 Springwood Road around 5 p.m.. {}The condition and severity of the injuries of the man, woman and 20 month old child are not being released at this time. {}We do know the two adults were taken to an area hospital, while the child was airlifted to a Little Rock hospital. {}Authorities say they don't have a suspect or motive at this time but believe they do have the car used by the suspect or suspects.{}