2012: Most Little Rock unsolved murders in five years

The number of unsolved homicides in 2012 is the most in five years.
A dozen Little Rock men were murdered in 2012, according to the Little Rock Police Dept.
Spokesperson Cassandra Davis said the Little Rock Police Dept. is still working the cases but so far, do not have enough information to make arrests.
"They told me my grandson had been shot," said Decree Thomas.
It's been over a year since Rufus Cyrus lost his grandson Decree Thomas.
Thomas, 14, was shot and killed in July 2011.
No one has been arrested in his murder.
Eleven Little Rock killings from 2011 remain unsolved, according to Davis.
In 2010, there were four unsolved murders.
There were seven each in 2008 and 2009.
"There's really no explanation as far as why there are more unsolved other than we have just not received enough information to make an arrest on these homicides," Davis said.
Included in the murders was Terry Bullard, 18, who had just graduated Central High School when he was shot and killed in a crowded parking lot.
Cyrus said there are times he expects to hear his grandson's knock at the door.
"The hardest thing is that we just miss him so much," Cyrus said.