2014 Saline County Sheriff Candidates

SALINE COUNTY (KATV)--Eightare in the running to be Saline County's new sheriff, and tonight a meet thecandidates forum was held.

It'sno surprise that one of the candidates is the former Sheriff Bruce Pennington, however, several of the other candidates also have previous experience in lawenforcement.{}{}{}{}

Dozensof voters packed the room, for the 2014 Saline County Sheriff Candidate Forum, waitingto hear from each candidate and why they should be Saline County's nextsheriff.

Thefollowing are running for sheriff:

RodneyGoshien Sr., the only Democrat running.

FormerSheriff Bruce Pennington




Tim Dudderar



Severalpre-submitted questions were posed by a moderator Thefirst, if elected what would you do to reduce the crime rate?

"Wehave a lot of drug dealers and we need to get rid of them, they've been in thisbusiness too long, it's time to put them out of business," said Goshien Sr.

"Wewere able to reduce burglaries and residential crimes 9.2 percent in my tenure," saidPennington.

"Wegot to re-tool our team, the team being the community, patrol division, theinvestigations division and the sheriff," added Haynes.

"Youcan't say that we didn't make any impact by arresting over 1000 people," saidCooper.

"The problem we've had is we don't communicateamong departments, what we need to do is work together more," said Wright.

"Crimewatch, this is what we need in yourneighborhood, need more people, more educated what to do and what to look for, "said Harris.

"First of all we need a proactive department,right now 80 percent of our time if reacting," said Dudderar.

"We need to use the resources that areavailable to us, our local departments around us, Benton ,Bryant Haskell ShannonHills Alexander," said Dodson.

Anotherbig topic of discussion from all the candidates was to fight what they call thedrug problem in Saline County, and continue efforts to bust as many drugdealers as possible.