21 cars spray-painted, Pine Bluff Police looking for suspects

PINE BLUFF (KATV)--Dozens of Pine Bluff residents woke up shocked when they found their cars had been vandalized with spray-paint. Police say at last count, 21 cars and one home had been tagged.

All the tagging was done within a 7 block radius of East 10th Street and Belmoor Avenue. It was quite the shock when people living in the Belmoor Addition neighborhood awoke to find their cars with a new paint job.

"People work hard to get their stuff, and then you do this that's just not right, it's not fair, you know my son 16-year-old he gets up and goes to work everything on his truck, he put it on there himself and somebody do this that's just not right," said April Williams, two cars in her driveway were spray-painted.

Pine Bluff Police Spokesperson, Richard Wegner said many with the same spray-painted message "M.B.K." and "Free Toppie", several tires were also slashed.

Police say "Toppie", was Christopher Rogers' street name, a known criminal from Pine Bluff who is currently in prison for murder. They say they believe "M.B.K" stands for My Brother's Keeper, although they are still trying to figure out the connection, if any, with Rogers.

"We are working hard earning our money in an honest way, and you have to wake up to something like that? It's not fair," added Williams.

Police are searching for multiple suspects; they're asking you to call them if you have any tips (870) 541-5300.