21 indicted in multi-state meth bust

NORTH LITTLE ROCK (KATV) - State, federal and local authorities announced the indictment of 21 people allegedly part of a multi-state meth drug ring that began in North Little Rock.

U.S. Attorney Christopher Thyer, along with NLRPD Chief Danny Bradley attributed the drug bust to cooperation between all agencies.

For a year and a half, authorities have been investigating Tarik Bouhamidi, of Austin, who is accused of bringing shipments of methamphetamine from Dallas back to Arkansas.

"It's significant amount of meth for here in Central Arkansas," said U.S. Attorney Christopher Thyer.

The investigation estimates Bouhamidi was responsible for distributing 4-5 pounds per month across various Central Arkansas cities.

According to authorities, Bouhamidi would meet his supplier, Johnny Ybarra, in Dallas and then distribute the product to everyone to various Arkansas cells.

"They make it very difficult for law enforcement to detect," said Bryant. "It's not the old days where they'd keep it in a suitcase in a trunk."

The bust netted nine vehicles including a couple tractor-trailer rigs, more than $66,000 in cash, $10,000 in assets, two and a half pounds of methamphetamine, and two firearms.

Three Title III federal wiretaps were used in the investigation to monitor electronic conversation.

Although these aren't old-fashioned criminals, authorities Thursday said they could not outrun old-fashioned teamwork.

"It took all of us working together to be able to dismantle this organization," said Bryant.

Three people remain at large: Jeramy Putt, Brian Embry, and Scottie Sisney.