Man Hit by Train Identified

(KATV) UPDATE: The Bryant Police Department says the victim hit by a train Tuesday is 22-year old Patrick Ball of Alexander.

Bryant Police received a call at about 10:30 a.m. Tuesday from Union Pacific Railroad stating a train headed East bound hit a pedestrian.

The report goes on to explain, the man was walking along side the railroad tracks. According to the train engineer, the victim was walking Eastbound, the same direction the train was heading quote, "very close to the train rails."

The engineer said he saw the man and blew the whistle constantly, but the victim quote, "never moved away from the tracks."

Police and Rescue responded to the area between Reynolds Road and Brookwood and began a search of the railroad tracks. The victim was located approximately a mile from Reynolds road in the center median of the tracks.

Ball was pronounced dead at the scene by the Saline County Coroner.

Officers were able to locate family to make a positive identification.

The Bryant Police Department would like to express their thoughts and prayers are with the family during this tragic time.