2nd Grader Brings Loaded Gun to PCSSD School

A Daisy Bates Elementary school second grader brought a loaded gun to school according to PCSSD spokeswoman Deborah Roush.

Roush said, "It was a gun that he thought was neat and he wanted to show a friend and it was a second grader so unfortunately just didn't show good judgment."

Deborah Young said her grandson, Thomas, told the teacher when the student told him a gun was in his backpack. She said she was very proud of him when she learned the news.

"All him and his brothers have been taught... that's a dangerous thing and it's nothing to play with," said Young.

She said, "It's a situation we've all trained our kids, grand kids to be aware and it's sad that they have to be aware."

The student could face expulsion, but no criminal charges as deputies say you have to be 10-years-old to be charged with a felony in the state. The parents could still face criminal charges.

The child told deputies he wanted to play cowboys and Indians and show his friend the gun. He said he was sorry he brought it to class.

The boy's father told deputies the .22 revolver was supposed to be locked up and he wasn't sure how the child got his hands on the gun.

Deputies say the child has Asperger Syndrome and did not realize the severity of the offense.

Roush said, "We applaud the student for doing the right thing and telling an adult what he had seen and what he had suspected."

She said they are planning a gun safety assembly at the school and reminded parents to check backpacks before they leave the house.