3 suspects wanted for NLR kidnapping and robbery

NORTH LITTLE ROCK (KATV) - A teenager says he spent Monday afternoon being terrorized by three men and a gun pointed to his head. The 18 year old victim escaped, now North Little Rock Police want your help identifying the suspects who was captured on camera.{}

Thomas Kenley told police that while he was waiting in his car for friends at the Burns Park tennis center, he was kidnapped.

At about 4 p.m. Monday, witnesses saw three men get into Thomas Kenley's pick-up and thought he was giving the men a ride. Sgt. Brian Dedrick says what they didn't see, "When he heard a tap on his window and when he looked over he saw a black male pointing a revolver at him and opening the door."

When they left the park, the driver of the stolen vehicle got onto I-40 and they crossed the Arkansas River into Little Rock.

After about 10 miles they attempted to turn into the Bank Corp South branch on Shackelford but ended up next door and the American Federal Credit Union ATM. Kenley later told police the men threatened to kill him if he didn't give them his phone, wallet and pin to the debit card.

Sgt Brian Dedrick says the ATM video is incriminating, "The driver of the vehicle in the video handed the gun to the other suspect in the back seat, who pointed the gun at the victim."

After withdrawing 200 dollars, they drove for nearly half an hour to a wooded area of Frazier Pike, where they let the teen out of his pick-up. "That's when the victim heard 6 shots fired which he believes, they were firing at him." A suspect reportedly reloaded and shot bullets near the victim's head but he was able to run away.

The driver who stopped and called police wants to remain anonymous, she is worried the suspect are still in the area she lives in. "I just happened to come to the rural part of the area and saw him. It looked like he was coming out of the ditch and he was waving and he was frantic." She adds, "I honestly felt like I was put there for a reason to help him out. It is a very uneasy feeling on my part and I am definitely sure on his part."

The Blue 2007 Isuzu 370 Ascender with the license plate 754 RJF is still missing.

If you have any information, you are asked to call the North Little Rock Police Department at (501) 680-8439. You can text a tip by dialing 274637, keyword: NLR. To write a confidential tip, CLICK HERE.