311 call not necessary for debris pickup

The city of Little Rock says you don't have to call 311 in order to have your storm debris picked up. Initially the city had asked residents to use the 311 system to report debris but now crews are working on a systematic cleanup of the city.

Storm debris from the Christmas Day Winter Event is being collected by Public Works crews six days a week in every ward. More than 1,700 tons of debris has been collected and brought to the Little Rock Landfill, where it will be turned into mulch.

"The City of Little Rock expects to have a FEMA declaration signed any day now," said City Manager Bruce Moore. "This will allow the City to hire independent contractors - through a bid process - to pick up storm debris as well. With many more feet on the ground, the speed of the clean up process will increase noticeably. I would like to personally thank all of the residents of Little Rock for their patience during this difficult time for our community."

Public Works Operations crews remove storm debris piles from both sides of the street once cleanup begins on that street. If the storm debris at any address has objects which are too heavy to be removed by that particular crew, they will put that address on a schedule for a piece of large equipment to return at a later date to complete the cleanup.

Solid Waste crews are picking up trash and normal yard waste contained in bags or personal cans, These Solid Waste crews are also coordinating with Operations crews to assist in storm debris pick up.

Public Works also has two crews patching potholes and two more crews operating street sweepers.