3,800 Ark. military civilian employees brace for furloughs

Thousands of Arkansas military civilian employees are playing the waiting game as the Department of Defense reviews proposed furlough exemptions.
Tuesday would have been the deadline to send out notices for furloughs to start April 26.
Approximately 3,800 Arkansas military civilian employees could be affected by the furloughs, a part of sequestration.
The DoD issued a two week delay of those furlough notices, but according to a spokesperson, the notices are expected to be sent out on April 5.
The DoD is currently going through proposed furlough exemptions.
"It just doesn't seem real at this moment," said Raquel Yates, a pharmacy technician at the Little Rock Air Force base, "But I'm hoping and praying for the best."
The furloughs will not only affect those taking home the paychecks; they will also affect their communities.
They will affect the entire community, like No Name Deli in Jacksonville.
For seven years, owner Suhad Filat has spent most every day cooking for her customers.
Most know her by name and most work down the street at LRAFB.
Yates is one of her regular customers.
"Until we started having meetings and briefings, that's when it really started to hit home," Yates said.
Yates is one of 650 civilian employees at LRAFB facing the possible furloughs.
According to Arlo Taylor, LRAFB spokesperson, the approximately 650 civilian base employees are tentatively preparing for 22 days of unpaid leave through September, which amounts to a 20% pay cut.
"I kind of estimated $500 a month," Yates said. "So that's a car payment or a rent."
She and many others will also likely cut back on extra expenses like eating meals out, spreading the furlough effects to local businesses.
"Some days I worry I'm not going to be able to pay my rent," Filat said.
The military services and defensive agencies have submitted their proposed furlough exemptions which are currently under review.