4th District congressional candidates meet in 4-way debate

During a debate Thursday between the 4th District congressional candidates, Republican Tom Cotton mentioned Obama so many times that Democratic state Sen. Gene Jeffress wondered if Cotton was trying to run against the president.

"We've got two paths," Cotton said. "We can have the path that Barack Obama has led us down for four years, the path of statism and cronyism, of decline and ultimately eclipse. Or we can have the second path, the path that has always made America great and prosperous, the path of limited and constitutional government, of a free enterprise system for free people, of individual liberties, of American leadership and strength in the world."

"I get the idea that Mr. Cotton may be running against Mr. Obama," Jeffress said. "I'm not running for that office. I'm running for the 4th District of the state of Arkansas. I want to make it a better place to live."

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