4th grade journalist gets one-on-one interview with the Governor for his newspaper column

Governor Beebe took somehard hitting questions from a special journalist.

8-year-old Coen Strotherhas a regular column in the Arkadelphia newspaper "Arkansas VIP" andmanaged to get a sit down interview Tuesday with the top politician in thestate.

In addition to asking theGovernor what it's like to lead Arkansas, Coen used this interview to get thegovernor's opinion on a petition the fourth grader wants. Coen has a friend with a peanut allergy andwants to require Epi-pens in all schools.

"Would you support thispetition if it was presented to you properly?" asked Coen.

"If it was presented to meproperly and if I knew how we were going to pay for it. What it was going to cost, which is what Ialways require when I make decisions like this. If we can afford it and we canmake sure it comes out of the right pot of money then I can support it," saidGovernor Beebe.

Coen is putting together a column based onthis sit-down interview.

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