$500K+ spent on police cameras, but are they working?

LITTLE ROCK (KATV)--Are police cameras in Little Rock helping to solve crimes or even recording?

A hit and run accident happened Friday, right in front of our building on Scott and 4th Street.

According to police, they aren't sure if the accident was captured by their surveillance camera installed on that corner.

We've been investigating the purpose of these cameras and tonight it's up to the viewers to decide.

Channel 7 was told by Sergeant Cassandra Davis that these cameras are capable of recording 24/7, but that doesn't mean they are actually recording all the time.

The point of installing these was to deter crime Davis said

Although, Davis couldn't confirm if the hit and run accident was captured by their camera that's installed at the intersection.

Earlier this summer, more than $500,000 was spent installing 50 cameras throughout Little Rock, but are they helping solve crimes?

"I don't know if there have been any crimes solved based on video from the cameras," said Davis.

While police have the ability to move these cameras around the city to catch criminal activity in certain areas, Davis said they are not always recording.

"Whenever we feel that there's a need to, we've received several reports in a particular area, then we may decide to record or keep that data," added Davis.

According to Doris Wright, Little Rock's Vice-Mayor, the money to buy these cameras came from the general sales tax revenue.

But was this a good use of tax dollars spent?

"Yeah, but I couldn't tell you what crimes if any were solved using the cameras," said Davis.

Wright, as well as City Director for Ward 5 Lance Hines both plan to ask the city manager questions regarding the use of these cameras.

They both agreed that if they aren't recording 24/7, they don't see the purpose of them.

Channel 7 will be attending tomorrow's agenda meeting, where this will be discussed.

An arrest was also made in connection to the hit and run.

Lavelle Winfred was arrested for a carjacking earlier on Friday, and police believe he is connected to the hit and run.

He's facing several charges including public intoxication.