56 cats surrendered to Humane Society after owners death

(KATV) Little Rock - Humane Society of Pulaski County staff and volunteers went on an emergency rescue Friday. They took the mobile unit to a home in McCrory that reportedly had 80 cats.

The married couple planned to surrender the felines because the woman went into hospice care, but her death caused the Humane Society to act sooner.

November 8: Wifeterminally ill, 80 healthy cats need forever homes

Earlier this month they picked up 21 cats. Friday, they got the remaining 34 and a border collie. The homeowner did help get some of the cats adopted before his wife's death.

Volunteers say that for some many cats, they were very well taken care of. The family used their savings to sterilize them and keep the shots up to date. Most have names and some are 16 years old. So far, the veterinarian says not one of the cats is sick nor has a bad case of fleas or mites.

Volunteer, Sandra Cone adds, "We need some cats adopted. The wonderful thing about the Humane Society is that we are a no kill shelter. When you adopt one, you save two lives. YOu save the one you took home you saved and the one you made room for."

The Humane Society of Pulaski County is in need of cat food, litter and cages.

The price to adopt has been dropped to $30 dollars.