$6000+ raised by chefs for Thea Foundation

The American Culinary Federation donated $6,637.77 to the Thea Foundation this week. The money was raised at the first ever Governor's Culinary Challenge on April, 29, 2013 at the Capital Hotel.

The Governor's Culinary Challenge offered gourmet bites from the area chefs including Mark Abernathy, Peter Brave, Donnie Ferneau, and Jason Knapp. Governor Mike Beebe and First Lady Ginger Beebe were in attendance as well as local celebrities including KATV's Christina Munoz and Renee Shapiro.

Members of the American Culinary Federation visited the Thea Foundation on Monday, July 15 to present a check to commemorate the success of the philanthropic event. For more information on the Governor's Culinary Challenge, click here.

The mission of the Thea Foundation is to advocate the importance of the arts in the development of our youth. It is named for the founder's daughter Thea, who was killed in a car accident in 2001. Click here for more information.