7 inmates escape in 3 weeks

Multiple sheriff's agencies are investigating how inmates escaped from their jails.

Seven inmates from different jails escaped in a three week time period.
Three were captured Monday.
Two are still on the loose.
At several agencies, like the Faulkner County Sheriff's Office, employees, not the facility, appear to be at fault.
"We'll run a full investigation When we get all these folks back and see what we need to do differently," said Faulkner County Chief Deputy Matt Rice.
Faulkner County authorities are still searching for escaped inmate Jonathan Jackson, 24. Jackson and two others fled from the jail Saturday afternoon.
Joel Vermillion, 27, and Stacy Wilson, 41, were spotted by deputies in Mayflower Monday afternoon in a stolen black SUV and engaged in a low speed pursuit up Highway 365.
The pair pulled over at Duncan Outdoors, got out of the car and put their hands up, according to Rice. They were arrested without incident.
Sheriff Andy Shock called the escapes a direct result of staff not paying attention.
"It's not the facility itself, I think the facility is pretty secure," Rice said.
In Perry County Sunday, Sheriff Scott Montgomery said inmate Mark Morrow "walked away" while on work release when the only detention officer on duty left the 42-year-old alone while working in the jail's garage.
Montgomery told Channel 7 although this was a violation of policy, the officer only received a verbal reprimand because he is a new employee and it was his first weekend to work the shift alone.
Montgomery said the officer didn't realize he wasn't supposed to leave the inmates alone.
Morrow was captured Monday, after asking a Perryville resident for a ride. That resident called police, and Morrow was apprehended while hitching a ride with another woman. The woman was not charged.
In Garland County three weeks ago, inmate Derrick Estell escaped by jumping through a window in the jail's intake room while two officers were distracted.
A new, smaller window has now been installed.
Estell is still on the loose.
Two inmates also escaped from Jackson County at the end of July.
Steven Reed and Steven Mitchell were discovered missing July 29.
Reed was captured and taken back into custody. Mitchell was killed July 30 after crashing his vehicle while fleeing from police.
Jackson County has not said whether their employees were at fault in the escapes.

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