$7,000 For Nothing

Fearing she has lost thousands of dollars to a contractor, an elderly Malvern woman calls Seven-On-Your-Side seeking assistance.

After a trip to Hot Spring County there is now hope for a happy ending.

Strong storms last summer damaged a pair of rooftops in Malvernand a contractor was paid $7,000 up front to fix both.

He never found the time to come back.

So today, we found him.

Since 1986 Exie Carroll has been selling fine ladies clothing and shoes to the women of Hot Spring county.

Water stains on the ceiling is proof that her shop needs a new roof.

And nine months after paying for onethat new roof is still needed.

"So you paid him $7,000 and what have you got for your money?"

"Nothing," answered Ms. Carroll.


"Nothing," she said.

"He never came back?"

"No," she said. "And I've tried to call him but we can't get him. His phone would ringbut it would always say he is not available right now."

Ms. Carroll paid Don Davidson to replace not only the roof on her store but also her home.

Since then she not been able to reach him by phone and a certified letter was signed for but returned unopened.

We found Davidson at his home off Kennerly Road in between Malvern and Hot Springs.

"Do you remember when she paid you the $7,000?"

"Yes sir," replied Mr. Davidson.


"Back in October," he answered.

"July. July 17th. So what has been going on since July 17th?"

"Just a lot of family problems Jason," replied Davidson.

"Where is her $7,000?"

"I'm gonna get it to her," assured Davidson.

Before we left we got Davidson to agree to a deadline of one month to repay Ms. Carroll her money.

If she doesn't have the full $7,000 back by April 14th, Davidson knows he can expect a return visit from usand Ms. Carroll will file a complaint with the prosecutor.

Air date: March 14th, 2013