7OYS Case Updates

A border battle in Hot Springs National Park has been heardbut is not yet resolved.

And we told you about some voter registration irregularities in Lee County last week.

Some of the applications we showed you are getting a closer look.

But firstback to Garland County where testimony has concluded in a legal fight over a sliver of land along the border of Hot Springs National Park.

Julie Williamson and her husband Jim are being sued. The Park Service claims a small portion of an A-framed potting shed built on their land crosses over onto federal land.

Both sides have two weeks to submit final arguments and then all will await a decision from Federal Judge Robert Dawson.

And last Thursday we visited Marianna and showed the clerk and the Lee County elections coordinator two sets of multiple voter registration applications for two different citizens.

Why someone would register more than once to voteand use different handwritingis in question.

So is the place where one of the voter's applications was turned in.

Two of the applications have the initials "PA" on them.

We checked with the Department of Human Service and the "PA" stands for "Public Agency" while the "04" stands for "food stamps."

The voter in question is a 19 year-old sophomore at Arkansas State University who family members say does not receive food stamps and did not register to vote at the Lee County DHS office.

A state representative has requested that federal prosecutors look into what he says appears to be fraudulent voter registration applications.

DHS has reviewed this case and found no wrong doing on the part of its lee county office staff when it comes to voter registration.

Air date: October 31st, 2012