7OYS Case Updates

Upcoming court dates, frustrating inactivity and positive change are all part of a Seven-On-Your-Side update this evening.

Sometimes stories we tell you about wrap up and sometimes they drag on. We have examples of both.

Benton attorney Dustin Dyer will have a federal charge hanging over his head a bit longer.

Dyer is charged with using his telephone to facilitate a drug transaction. His trial was severed from a group of 19 other defendants caught up in a federal sting. Dyer's January 13th trial has been pushed back to May 13th at the request of his attorney.

A Hot Springs business owner is set to stand trial in Bradley county at the end of February.

Kenneth Hallowner of KLH Metalis accused of theft of property. Prosecutors allege Hall took money from a customer but failed to provide any product, services or refund.

We were the first to tell you about the unfortunate plight of Little Rock's Jessie Vernon.

The city contracted with Youngblood Demolition and Excavation to tear down the house on the lot next to a vacant home owned by Vernon. But the company knocked down Vernon's house instead. The city says its all on the contractor, and Vernon continues to battle with Youngblood's insurance company.

One story that has wrapped up involves a bunch of goats.

We don't know where the goats went that were calling Brittney Point subdivision homebut they're gone. Neighbors contacted us about what they considered a nuisanceand the owner ultimately agreed to keep the greater peace and say goodbye to the goats.

And last summer we were hearing from customers who were having trouble getting titles from a Conway used auto dealershipPrestige Autoplex.

The dealership is no longer in business and a criminal investigation by the State Police continues.

Air date: January 11th, 2013