7OYS Case Updates

The trial for a businessman accused of taking money but failing to finish projects has been postponed...but not dropped.

Gene Hickman's trial in Lonoke was set for tomorrow. But instead he has the opportunity to buy some time.

But it won't be cheap.

Hickman's failed business in Cabot resulted in three dozen victims who claim to be owed about $175,000.00.

A new trial has been scheduled for November 19th.

But that too might be avoided if Hickman can come up with at least $50,000.00 in about 60 days. A negotiated plea is in the works as the victims would rather regain their money than watch Hickman lose his freedom.

We'll see which way things go on October 21st.

Speaking of lost freedom, self-described young entrepreneur Kenny Arbuckle will soon observe one full month inside the Pulaski County jail.

Shortly after we interviewed former employees who claimed they were owed money by Arbuckle Enterprises, Kenny Arbuckle was arrested on five felony hot check charges.

Back in June we told you about a handyman named Billy Mounce who was working in the Maumelle area. We got a tip regarding where Mounce is currently hustling customers. It's good news for Arkansas...bad news for the folks in eastern Oklahoma.

And while a Magnolia man still hasn't received any money from the sale of his vintage Jaguar, the man who collected the money...Troy no longer living in an extravagant Hot Springs area home.

His lawyer confirms he was evicted, and a viewer tells us Muncrief has opened up a shop in the 27 hundred block of Airport road in Hot Springs.

Muncrief's attorney still says his client plans to pay Eddie McDonnell for his car. But so far he is all words, no action.

Air date: August 19th, 2013

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