7OYS Case Updates

We have two Seven-On-Your-Side updates this for a story we brought you Monday, and one for a story we told you about Tuesday.

Both are still waiting for a final resolution to their problems.

But while one has received some good news, the other is waiting for bad news to knock on his door.

On Tuesday we told you about an I-30 gas station where the premium pumps have been tagged and are out of use until the owner gets water out of the tank.

A Texarkana company that inspects the gas tanks monthly for leaks and water did check the tanks on September 12th...and no water was found in the tanks.

Two weeks later a motorist filled up and had her engine damaged by watered down, tainted gasoline. state inspectors found 2 and 1/4 inches of water....which is two inches more than allowed.

The morning after our report aired the affected motorist got a call from the gas station's insurance company agreeing to take full responsibility and pay her nearly $2,000.00 dollar repair bill.

Our other story is in Searcy.

"She wouldn't take it," Danny Norris told us on Monday, referring to his landlord and his attempt to pay October rent. "I tried to pay her on the 2nd and she said no."

On Monday we introduced you to Norris...the day before he was supposed to move out of Meadow Lake apartments.

We checked on Norris Wednesday and the police had yet to show up. He's still living there and would like to stay.

Norris says he is having trouble finding a new place to live because his current landlord is bad mouthing him.

"I'm crippled up," says Norris. "The people that will rent to me...they gonna do a background check. And they're gonna wanna know where I lived at. And she's gonna give me a bad name."

Norris claims he is being unjustly evicted by Lindsey Management but Arkansas law offers little or no protections for tenants.

Air date: October 16th, 2013