7OYS Case Updates


It appears an Illinois man's unpleasant stay in Arkansas will last a bit longer.

It looks like he will spend nearly a full year in the Pulaski County jail before his case goes to trial.

Kenny Arbuckle's trial was supposed to be April 17th, but prosecutors were granted a continuance.

Arbuckle's attorney asked for a bond reduction. That wasn't granted, so Arbuckle is about to begin his 39th week in jail.

Back in July when we sat down with self-described young entrepreneur Kenny Arbuckle it was because unpaid employees were after him. One unpaid and upset contractor choked him out during a confrontation at Arbuckle's shop.

Soon police and prosecutors were after Arbuckle too. The 30 year-old from Illinois faces felony hot check and theft of services charges.

Arbuckle's trial has been reset for the first week of July.

Also last summer and also in Maumelle, we warned you about a contractor named Billy Mounce.

Mounce soon moved Oklahoma...and now prosecutors in Cherokee County have filed felony embezzlement charges against the 46 year-old Mounce.

Mounce was using the alias "William Frank" and still using Facebook and others social media methods to attract victims.

Another dispute we told you about last year has gone to trial. Lovail Wilson told us she bought a 2004 Trailblazer from Old School Auto Sales in North Little Rock.

She didn't know it...but the truck had a salvaged title. Upset...Wilson sued Old School owner Robert Henderson in small claims court...and won.

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Air date: April 17th, 2014