7OYS Case Updates

LITTLE ROCK (KATV) - A suspicious scene in Grant County prompted one man to take a photo. He believes he captured a crime being committed. We'll let the picture tell the story as we update the growing case against Jason Curtsinger as well as two other stories. The person who took this photograph says it is a picture of Jason Curtsinger moving a mobile home from Leola...a little town in Grant Little Rock, where it was left it on the side of the interstate near the I-30 Speedway. It was destined for a buyer in Little Rock, even though investigators say Curtsinger took it from a lot where Vanderbilt Mortgage had listed it for sale. Investigators in at least three counties as well as the Arkansas State Police are investigating Curtsinger's alleged mobile home thefts. #### Here's somebody who police are no longer looking for: handyman William Frank "Billy" Mounce. Mounce was operating in the central Arkansas area at one time. Then he moved to Oklahoma and racked up complaints and alleged victims there. Mounce has been jailed in Harrison for the past two weeks. #### And in November we told you about a dispute between David and Michelle Moore and their Little Rock attorney. The Moores hired Don Trimble to sue the builder of a home in Scott. After several years and $13,000 spent on legal fees...Trimble apologized for an error and said the case would likely be dismissed. In July of 2012 Trimble pledged to issue a refund. So far, no money has been paid back. The Arkansas Office of Professional Conduct is continuing its investigation of Trimble's actions in this case. Air date: April 24th, 2014