7OYS Dispute in Court


A Seven-On-Your-Side dispute finds it's way into a North Little Rock court room today.

Both sides were prepared and put on a good case. Both sides admit they made mistakes.

Only one side can win.

When a gas leak forced Gary Dunavan to replumb a North Little Rock rent house, he hired Rick-B-Qwik Plumbing.

When Dunavan saw the new pipes were left in clear view, he refused to pay Rick Brown in full.

"When you hire someone to replumb a house you wouldn't expect the pipes to be outside the wall in a house," says Dunavan.

Brown says he presented Dunavan with several options and that the landlord chose the cheapest one....only to later object.

"Mr. Dunavan met me that afternoon," recalled Brown. "Said the gas lines looked tacky. And I explained to him again the three ways to do the gas lines and that this was the most cost effective."

"To me it's dangerous," Dunavan told the judge.

Judge Jim Hamilton agrees it looks terrible and seems unsafe.

But the job has passed all inspections and gas service has been restored.

Dunavan saw how things were being done and still signed a work order and paid Brown half of his money.

"I've learned to never, ever, ever start a job without having the customer come and talk to me first," says Brown.

Brown is suing for a little over $1,200.00.

Judge Hamilton says he plans to rule in the next two weeks...after he seeks the opinion of the Arkansas Contractor's Licensing Board about how this job was done.

Air date: February 20th, 2014