7OYS: Help Needed

Jason Pederson took a little trip out of town on Saturday but before he left he emptied out the Seven-On-Your-Side answering machine and email account.

When he got back today there were 60 new voice mails and another 20 emails from people needing help.

Which is a problem.

Because he needs more help too.

Over the past 30 years Seven-On-Your-Side has been blessed with some great volunteers. But these things are cyclical, and recently we've had some of our best problem solvers move away or experience health problems so at the moment we still have a few, but we need more hands on deck.

Dan Daniel is the Seven-On-Your-Side volunteer coordinator...when there are volunteers to coordinate.

On this Wednesday, Dan tackled as many viewer problems as time allowed on his own...because the Wednesday volunteer team is a bit thin right now.

"We're open Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday," explains Daniel. "This is Wednesday. There is nobody in here but me."

Dan says he and the few dedicated volunteers remaining are bow-legged with the burden they are carrying in trying to respond to as many as complaints as possible.

If you seem to be the person everybody turns to when they need help or have a question, Dan says you're just the kind of person we're looking for: level-headed problem solvers with plenty of life experience.

"We need help," says Daniel. "Please give us a call. Come on in...Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday...10:00 to 12:00. Arkansas needs you."

And Dan brews a pretty good cup of coffee too.

If you want to join our team or at least learn more, call 324-HELP or 324-4357.

Most of our volunteers are retirees but we have had some great young volunteers too...people in between jobs or evening shift workers looking for a way to help others.

Air date: April 9th, 2014