7OYS Helps Get Security Deposit

She lived in an apartment complex for 15 years and left the place in immaculate condition when she moved out.

But she was unable to get her security deposit back.

It is not uncommon for landlords or property managers to deny a security deposit either in part or in full.

But when a model tenant for more than a decade can't get her money back and can't get a good reason as to why...we want to help.

When Iris Payne couldn't get her security deposit back, she called Seven-On-Your-Side.

"Finally I got my money," says Payne. "I moved out June 8th. And I got the money last Friday."

But it wasn't easy for us either.

Our first call to the property manager of her former apartment was made November 8th.

It took repeated calls over a two month period to get Ms. Payne her refund.

"They are really to be commended because they work as hard as they can to help people and the public that is needed," says Payne. "And sometimes we think we should just throw up our hands and give up. But it's not always the best decision we could make. Because there are people who are willing to help youand if you choose the right people, which is Seven-On-Your-Sidethey have all the help right there at hand."

Actually we really have more cases and more complaints than our current team of volunteers can keep up with.

We could help more Arkansans in need if we had more help ourselves.

Our volunteers come in and answer the Help Line in our Seven-On-Your-Side office on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 10:00 a.m. until noon.

If that fits your schedule and you would like to join our team, call our producer and volunteer coordinator Donna at 501-324-7789.

Air date: January 24th, 2013