7OYS Updates

Every week, our Seven On Your Side office tells you about the problems Arkansans are dealing with and we work to help solve those problems. We have two updates for you - two emails from two thankful families who contacted 7OYS needing some assistance.Last month Sam and Sharon Moore shared an incredible story with us: a story that involved a logging truck smashing through their Conway county home, narrowly missing them as they lay in their bed. They called Seven On Your Side because they were having trouble with the insurance companies involved."Hey, this is 11 or 12 days now?" Sam Moore told us back on July 10. "I ain't got one red cent out of my insurance company or his (laugh)."An email from the Moore's son now tells a different story. "Progressive has settled with my parents on the total loss of their home. I can't thank you enough. I know this would have never come to a resolution if it had not been for your intervention."In another update, last week we told you about Anne Crosby's search for her father's model airplanes that used to be on display at the Aerospace Education Center. She also emailed us, saying: "So happy to pass this along to you. Dick Holbert emailed today and has 2 of the planes. He will continue to look for the other 2. We're all just thrilled with our new 'treasures.' Thank you for all your help."One other update to tell you about.

We've been warning you for several weeks about Pine Bluff contractor Nelson Walker.

A warrant for his arrest on a theft by deception charge has been issued this week out of Cleveland county. If you can help police locate Nelson Walker, please do. Air date: August 7th, 2014