7OYS Volunteers


Hundreds of people in need of help each month...but only a handful of people doing the helping.

If you ever considered being a Seven-On-Your-Side volunteer, there is no better time than now to sign up.

When you call the Seven-On-Your-Side office between 10:00 a.m. and noon, the first person you will most likely visit with is a volunteer.

Unless you called up here today (Monday, November 18th)...because there weren't any. We need more help so we can help solve more problems.

Sometimes the work our Seven-On-Your-Side office does is as serious as helping someone who was wrongfully jailed.

"I really appreciate the story that you ran," Bryant Davis Jr. told us on November 1st after spending 55 days wrongfully incarcerated in Louisiana. "You taking the story. Because you didn't have to do it. And I appreciate that."

Other times the help is as basic as getting a toilet working again.

"I think Seven-On-Your-Side is great," Diane Alford told us back in May. "I wish that everybody would think of that. Because if they did maybe Arkansas would not be in as big a mess as they're in. A lot of people are afraid to speak up."

Over a dozen people called the Help-Line (324-4357) on Monday, but all had to leave messages because we don't currently have any Monday volunteers.

People with problems about a company in White County, a lawyer in Conway, a school system in Garland County and an incomplete home addition will have to wait until volunteers arrive on Tuesday.

But we need more.

The number of people needing help currently far outnumber the helpers.

"I said OK look...Seven-On-My-Side is coming out," Brenda Parker of Jacksonville told us last month. "And they're going to talk to me on TV tonight about you."

We helped Ms. Parker with her prescription problem...and we want to help more people like her.

We ask our volunteers to come in for two hours...from 10:00 am until noon...Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday.

If you want to sign up or learn more, call our volunteer coordinator Donna at 501-324-7789.

Air date: November 18th, 2013