8 nabbed in Hot Springs drug bust

A large scale meth operation has been broken up in the Hot Springs area, according U.S. Attorney Conner Eldridge. Eldridge made the announcement of 8 arrests in a press release on Friday. Mark Alston, 39, Cedric Easter, 30, Jake Parker, 27, Quayshaun Walker, 23, Brian Robbins, 33, Jerry Lee Rudkin, 29, Jasmer West, 25, Larry Nevels Jr., 29, all of the Hot Springs area, were arrested on federal crimes involving large scale drug trafficking of methamphetamine.

"The city of Hot Springs has been plagued by drug trafficking, violence and other associated crime. With this case, numerous drug traffickers in the area have been arrested and are being prosecuted. Cleaning up criminal activity - much of which stems from drug trafficking - is vital to the success and growth of Hot Springs, as it is for all communities. We appreciate the hard work of the agencies involved in the investigation of this case, and will continue to vigorously prosecute this type of activity throughout the Western District of Arkansas," said Eldridge.

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