9 Drew Central students get criminal charges for high school vandalism

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MONTICELLO (Monticello Live) - Prosecuting Attorney Thomas Deen has filed misdemeanor criminal charges against nine Drew Central graduating seniors following their "out of hand" senior prank, which closed the high school for part of a day, and cost an estimated $5,000 in clean up and replacement damage.

Jerelle Binns, Grace Borse, Elizabeth Smith, Quanesha Davis, Bennett Fuller III, Delane Johnson, Sam Durden Jr., Mariah Burns Williams, and Deandra Miller have been charged with criminal trespass and second-degree criminal mischief and ordered to appear in Monticello District Court.

The "senior prank that got out of hand" took place just before the end of school, where the students were discovered leaving the school campus.

Food items were thrown all over the building, but the most extensive damage was done when a fire extinguisher was discharged in a room containing electronic equipment.

The students attended the May school board meeting and publicly apologized, but that does not remove the legal ramifications and criminal charges.

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