98-year-old breast cancer survivor

Thousands came out Saturday morning to support those who have fought and are fighting breast cancer.

If you watched our coverage of Race for the Cure on Saturday Daybreak, you may have seen our interview with a great-grandmother who is a five-year breast cancer survivor.

"I was taking a bath and I saw something was different," said Bess Jones.

It is the way a lot cancer detection stories begin. But the woman in this story is not like most. She was 94-years-old when she felt a lump in her breast.

"I called Jan and I said let's go get a mammogram," said Jones.

Next thing she knew she was diagnosed with stage two breast cancer at 94-years-old with several rounds of radiation to undergo. Her daughter Jan Heavener held her hand through it all.

"You don't ever hear of people getting breast cancer at 94-years-old. and you tell your friends well my mother just found out and nobody believes you," said Heavener.

But the surgeries and radiation treatments did not take away Bess' sense of humor about the experience.

"It went good, I mean enjoyed every bit of it," said Jones.

And with five years since the diagnosis, Bess and her daughter plan on attending Race for the Cure next year to celebrate both that victory and another milestone for Bess.

"Next year we're going to be at the race and we're not going to say 99 and three quarters. We're going to go ahead and cheat with three months and say 100 years old because you look for us. We'll be there," said Heavener.