A game of political dominos

Seven months into his term, Representative Tom Cotton is preparing for another election, but this time the congressman, dubbed a rising star in the Republican Party, has his sights set on a senate seat.

Politico reporter Katie Glueck broke the story for the web site. She says, the Republican Party sees Cotton as a contender.

"Republicans do see Arkansas as a top opportunity for them just because Arkansas did go overwhelmingly for Mitt Romney in 2012, and the whole congressional delegation is all Republican, but at the same time you do have a Democratic, senator and now he's getting a pretty fierce challenge," said Glueck.

Cotton's announcement next week is likely to start a game of political dominos. With Cotton moving to the senate race, Arkansas House Majority Leader Bruce Westerman, who has been considering a run for Congress, will likely throw his hat into the ring following Cotton's announcement. He'll join Janis Percefull and Little Rock School Board President Dianne Curry, who dropped out of the lt. governor's race this week. That same day, Democrat Bill Halter exited the governor's race to unite the part around Democrat Mike Ross.

Some speculate Halter is considering joining the race in the fourth or challenging incumbent Tim Griffin in the second district. That leaves Republicans Asa Hutchinson, Curtis Coleman and Debra Hobbs in the gubernatorial race with Ross.

As the dominos continue to fall, there's still one more possible entry into the race for Cotton's seat, Lt. Governor Mark Darr. Darr has confirmed his plans to move back home to the fourth district. As for his entrance into the race, he'll announce those plans by the end of the month.