A little bird tells me...

A little bird tells me...

I liked Twitter before I started covering the Arkansas Legislature; liked -- and occasionally loved during major news events like elections, The State of the Union and the season finale of "Downton Abbey" (don't judge me).

However, covering the Capitol has made me into a Twitter lover at all times! I can't be in all the committees at once BUT I can keep tabs on all of them simultaneously thanks to Twitter. And boy oh boy, does the 89th General Assembly like to tweet!

I'd have to give the Tweeter of the Session award to House Rep. David Meeks (@DavidMeeks). He tweets constantly and I dig it. Representative Meeks says he tweets to keep his constituents up to date with his votes and important bills.

I should also give honorable mention to Rep. Andrea Lea (@RepAndreaLea), Rep. Nate Bell (@NateBell4AR) and Rep. Duncan Baird (@DuncanBaird). These three like to tweet as well and don't necessarily stick to politics. It's a fun way to get to know your legislator.

Not sure who to follow?

If you're on Twitter, go to my page and subscribe to the list "Arkansas Legislators" for a list of legislators who tweet with tenacity!

And, as always, if you want to keep up with all that happens at the capitol, you can follow me (@KATVLilley) as well.

Tweet on, #arleg.

-Janelle Lilley