A Nice Day for an Ice Wedding


Many brides deal with last minute wedding stress, but Jennifer Bush might take the cake...that is, if her cake ever gets there. The impending ice storm doesn't just move her outdoor wedding indoors, it also threatens delivery of everything, including decorations and flowers. However, this bride is staying cool under the cold weather pressure."The lady who is doing my cakes, I told her if the weather looks bad and you can't make it, just freeze them and we'll get them when we come back. I have a backup for if the violinist can't arrive. I put the music on an iPod, so we'll at least have something during the ceremony that will play. It will all be okay," said Jennifer.{}"Then in Arkadelphia, where I'm from, we got a few 4-wheel drive vehicles on call and ready, so we're going to shuttle people out if that's what is required," added fiance John Elkins.When John proposed to Jennifer by writing her a book, he had no idea that his words ("Through valleys and mountains and rain, snow and sleet...") would foreshadow their wedding day. {}"This is kind of our story. I feel like every big moment has been a crazy story behind it," laughed Jennifer.Photographer Lori Sparkman Hall isn't taking any chances. She's getting to the venue before the weather, already warming up her creativity."I'd rather be thrown a curve ball than handed an ordinary day any day," said Hall who has experience photographing in icy environments.The day will be ordinary by no means, and it may even inspire John to write another story."Life never goes as you planned. All you can do is react and smile. That's a lesson both of us have learned several times," said John.