A Sinking Feeling

The rain Wednesday across the state isn't going to help the situation facing one Sherwood couple.

Water beneath their home is causing the center of their home to slowly, but surely, sink.

The excitement of buying their first home quickly wore off for these first-time home buyers when they discovered their home inside Hidden Lake Estates has a hidden problem.

After moving in last November to the home at 8250 Nora lane, David and Monica Bearden were eager to entertain family in their new home.

"After the big snow that we had the end of December...I guess the first of the year, it was New Year's, we had family over and someone was sitting on this couch here looking that direction and noticed the wall was separating from the baseboards," recalls David Bearden.

"Since January the floor has sunk over two inches," adds Monica.

The separation is severe...and it is getting worse. What was barely noticeable three months ago is now impossible to miss.

And there are cracks in the interior walls too...nine and counting.

The problem is water underneath the slab and foundation has created a void or space and the floor of their home is sinking.

Most of the homes around Hidden Lake were built at or above lake level.

The Bearden's and their neighbor's are two exceptions...and both are having major water problems.

They say so far builder and developer Danny McGill has refused to honor his builder's warranty and help them solve their problem.

"They've told us to be quiet about this," says Monica Bearden. "And that they want other homes in this neighborhood to sell so they can take that money and put it into our house. And, I mean, houses have been selling and they've been living in there and we still haven't seen a single penny from them."

Suggested fixes are not cheap...and not guaranteed.

A state building inspector checked the home out on Monday.

Danny McGill with Danruthen Construction has not returned our call for comment. We have been told he is vacationing out of state right now.

Air date: April 10th, 2013