Officer suspended after complaints of 'unlawful' and 'vindictive' traffic stops

A Vilonia police officer was suspended with pay Thursday after two complaints were filed against him.

Officer Steven Carpenter is being investigated for "unlawful" and "vindictive" traffic stops and searches.

The Manning family is one of the families that filed a complaint against Officer Carpenter, saying their son Jaden's run in with the officer was personal.

According to Jaden Manning, "[Carpenter's] daughter, his son, they've all told me before that it was going to happen, it was just a matter of time before he did pull me over. I was expecting it. As soon as I saw it was Carpenter, I knew what was going to happen."

One witness said it was the other way around. She says Jaden and his father were rather hostile.

Vilonia police have handed over the investigation to Arkansas State Police.

"We wanted it to go to the state police that may not even be from around here to look at it so they can do their own investigation," Vilonia Police Chief Brad McNew said.

McNew says the department's main focus is still protecting residents.

Jennifer Manning says it's her job to protect her son, and their complaint is the first step to getting the truth. The Manning family wants all of Jaden's charges dropped.